DSM III - Skin Colormeter


The DSM III Skin Colormeter combines advanced color sensing technology, high sensitivity and durability with extreme flexibility and ease of operation. Proven and highly sensitive technologies for skin colour detection are built into a handheld and light weight device to form a fully integrated instrument, which is operated by just one button. To facilitate correct positioning on the skin a guiding light illuminates the target area.
Measurements are presented on the integrated display, and may also be sent to a PC or tablet for further spreadsheet processing. For this purpose the DSM III features wireless Bluetooth communication.

Power is provided by an integrated and rechargeable battery. To ensure completely wireless operation the battery is recharged wirelessly in a dedicated charger/stand, which also incorporates a calibrator.

The DSM III is a colour measuring device specifically developed for skin applications. It offers read-out of erythema and melanin (E&M) based on the absorbance characteristics of human skin as well as CIEL*a*b* values.


Technical specifications

• Light source: 2 x high intensity white LED
• Colorsensor: 4 x 16 active elements
• Display: LC-display
• Read-out: E&M (erythema & melanin), CIEL*a*b* (optimised for white LED illumination)
• Operation: One-button control
• Built-in Bluetooth for wireless communication with tablet/ laptop
• Battery: 1 pcs. rechargeable, standby time: 1 month
• Charger: Wireless induction
• Calibration: White calibrator included
• Operation temp.: 10-40 Deg. C