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Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning a clogged spray tip

Do never attempt to clean the aperture with a hard and sharp pointed object (e.g. a needle), as this may cause irreversible damage to the aperture. Instead, detach the aperture and blow it clean with pressurized air in the reverse direction of the normal nitrogen flow. Alternatively, blow it clean with liquid nitrogen in the reverse direction. In order to perform this quick and easy operation, a special cleaning adapter is available: 

​Small diameter spray apertures (C & D sizes) are more sensitive to impurities in the liquid nitrogen supply than large diameters (A & B sizes). In the event of a very uneven spray (spitting) or no spray at all, this might be an indication of partial or complete clogging of the aperture.

Storing liquid nitrogen

A clean supply of liquid nitrogen is essential to trouble free operation of liquid nitrogen cryosurgical treatment units. To ensure a clean nitrogen supply, we advise to completely empty the storage tank (dewar) 3 - 4 times per year prior to refilling.

If necessary, water from ice crystals remaining inside the tank can be dried out by creating air circulation (e.g. using a vacuum cleaner for approx. 15 min.).

To prevent ice and other particles in the tank from entering the treatment unit when filling, always use a withdrawal tube equipped with a filter.

For a demonstration on how the withdrawal tube works check the video below:

For more videos of our products visit CORTEX TECHNOLOGY's youtube channel here​​

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