Stand out and increase your sale!

The use of objective skin testing devices has proven to attract new customers and increase sales to existing clients. The DermaAdviser is the most advanced skin testing device for point-of-sales activities such as the aesthetic clinic or the cosmetic shop. The DermaAdvicer offers an easy step-by-step analysis of the skin and provides a complete client skin report with detailed recommendations of skin care products and/or treatments.
The DermaAdviser is completely modular and may be customized according to your business needs. Choose which modules to include in the skin analysis and which products or treatments to match with the clients´ skin profile. Further, you can upload your own logo, background images and more.



Product promotion

With the DermaAdviser concept, we are using our decades of experience with scientific skin analysis to bring lab science all the way to the individual consumer. With DermaAdviser we provide your business with an edge and make you stand out from competition. Every customers skin is unique and based on a thorough skin analysis the concept provides an exceptional opportunity of matching customers with the best possible skin care products and treatments. We set the bar higher when it comes to professional and objective skin analysis for your clients.

Easy to Operate

The DermaAdviser is designed for ease of use and the interface is very intuitive.

DermaAdviser Features:

Images of the skins collagen as well as surface structure
Up to 8 skin parameters included in the analysis
Easy step-by-step customer registration and skin analysis
Full customer skin report
Easy before and after comparison
Completely modular and customizable
Specific product and treatment recommendations

Trusted Partner

For more than 30 years Cortex Technology has been involved in the skin care industry by providing cutting-edge skin analysis instruments. Instruments which has been used worldwide by developers of skin care products, skin treatments and specialized nutrition to develop, improve and document the effect of their products.