Single parameter measurement

The DermaLab USB single parameter units present a breakdown of the most popular parameters in our DermaLab Combo series into individual modules - based on the same technology and using the same probes.

With the introduction of the DermaLab single parameter units we proudly present the 3. generation of the widely recognised and popular DermaLab Series.

In addition to the well known parameters for measuring TEWL, elasticity and hydration, this generation also features 20 MHz high resolution skin ultrasound imaging as well as a subcutaneous ultrasound probe capable of visualising layers and structures to a depth of 50 mm.

The software is LabView based and will work with one or more modules running on Windows PC´s or tablets.

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The DermaLab parameters

The DermaLab software

Subcutaneous ultrasound

The DermaLab subcutane ultrasound unit is taking the DermaLab Series ultrasound technology one step further. This dedicated scanner visualises tissues in the subcutaneous space to a depth of 50 mm in order to assess the effects of fat reduction procedures in the abdominal area as well as on the thighs.

Good resolution, high penetration and ease of operation are the keywords describing this device, which comes as a complete package including main unit, probe and application software ready to be installed on a Windows PC or tablet.

Female body with the drawing arrows on it isolated on white. Fat

Abdominal scans pre and post fat reduction. Note the compacted subcutaneous space.

Technical Specification


Interface Main Unit

Connectivity: USB connected single probe interface.

Power requirement: External 12 V power supply (included).

Dimensions: 188 (L) x 124 (W) x 89 (H) mm. Misc.: Integrated probe holder.

High Frequency Ultrasound Probe

20 MHz Frequency: 20 MHz, focused ultrasound.

Resolution: 60 x 200 micrometer (ax x lat).

Penetration: 3.4 mm.

Probe: Rotating transducer, scan length 17 mm, footprint 11 mm.


Subcutaneous Ultrasound Probe

10 MHz Frequency: 10 MHz, focused ultrasound.

Resolution: 120 x 920 micrometer (ax x lat).

Penetration: 50 mm.

Probe: Rotating transducer, scan length 50 mm, footprint 34 mm. Read-out: Display of actual and stored measurements.


TEWL Probe

Principle: Diffusion gradient.

Range: 0 - 250 g/m²/h.

Resolution: 0.1 g/m²/h.

Probe: Two combined humidity/temperature sensors in 10 mm cylindrical diffusion chamber.

Calibration: Probes with calibration certificate. Calibration service available.


This is the "gold standard" in water loss measurement.

Principle: Conductance, single frequency.

Range: 0 - 9999 microSiemens.

Resolution: 1 microSiemens.

Probe: Pin probe, eight pins minimising moisture accumulation. Spring loaded action triggers/stops measurement. Optional flat faced probe with 13 mm diam. sensor and three annular electrodes available.

Calibration: Optional calibration checker.


Skin Hydration measuring probe.

Principle: Stress/strain by applied vacuum.

Range: Up to 2.5 mm elevation, adjustable neg. pressure setting 0 - 65 kPa.

Probe: Measuring aperture: 10 mm diameter. Ultra low weight (approx. 7 grams) for minimum skin bias. Adheres to the skin by double adhesive sticker.