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Skin analysis product range

CORTEX TECHNOLOGY develops and manufactures a range of scientific and innovative skin testing equipments based on novel and recognized technologies for applications within cosmetic dermatology and related specialties.

DermaScan® C USB High Resolution Ultrasound Units

Our scientific line of skin ultrasound scanners operating from 20 - 50 MHz, fully configurable with advanced controls and full-featured image analysis capabilities.

DermaLab® Series Single Parameter Units

A line of laboratory instruments sharing the same LabView based software platform. Comes complete with probe, interface unit and software and connects to PC's or tablets running Windows. Available parameters: TEWL, elasticity, hydration, skin high res. ultrasound and subcutane ultrasound visualization.

DermaLab® Series Multi Parameter Units

A complete and powerfull skin analysis system operated by a wirelessly connected tablet PC. This unit can be freely configured with the following parameters: Skin high res. ultrasound, TEWL, elasticity, hydration, sebum, skin melanin and erythema, skin pH, temperature as well as a skin video scope.

DSM II Skin ColorMeter

A handheld, battery operated instrument offering skin color measurement as both erythema/melanin, CIEL*a*b* and RGB values. Optional software adds additional color systems and spreadsheet integration.

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