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DermaScan C USB Ultrasound Series

20 to 50 MHz ultrasound units​

Our line of high frequency ultrasound scanners provides
state-of-the-art performance in high resolution skin imaging and a resolution down to 30 micrometer in tissue.

All configurations are built to provide optimal reliability and meet the latest international standards and safety requirements for such equipment.

The 2D scanners are available in a new and ultra compact USB configuration for use with our new and lighter ultrasound probes.

Our probes may be configured with different transducers depending on the application. For general purpose skin scanning we recommend a 20 MHz transducer providing a 60 by 150 micron resolution and 14 mm penetration or 60 by 200 micron resolution and 23 mm penetration.

For ultimate resolution and image definition a 50 MHz broadband option provides a 30 by 60 micron resolution and 3 mm penetration.

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All ultrasound probes offer linear scanning, high precision operation and true position detection for unmatched image clarity and definition.

Each individual transducer is carefully matched to the actual probe, which also includes calibration of the water path to the focal length of the transducer.

The DermaScan C offers two software configurations:

- a full-featured and unlimited version with free upgrades within the first year. This version will never expire.

- a full-featured but time-wise limited version. The fee for annual renewal also extends the warranty for the entire system for a nother year.

The DermaScan C is listed with the FDA as a medical device in regulatory class II/21 CFR 892.1560 (510(k) no. K983945).

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