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DermaLab Elasticity

DermaLab suction cup units

The suction cup method as featured in the DermaLab Series devices has been completely redesigned to measure the actual elevation of the skin, when it is subject to a preset neg. pressure. Due to an integrated tank, vacuum is applied instantly in order to reflect the true elastic properties of the skin. Also measured is the time it takes for the skin to retract, when the negative pressure is released. 

The application software allows for adjusting the neg. pressure and skin thickness according to skin properties.

To ensure un-biased readings, the DermaLab features a light weight probe which, when glued to the skin using a double adhesive sticker, eliminates movement artifacts from holding the probe.

With the probe in place, negative pressure will lift the skin and the elevation will be measured as input to calculate Young´s modulus (E).

​Once lifted, the negative pressure is released, and the retraction time (R) is measured.

These two parameters describe the skin behavior during the suction phase as well as the retraction, and both parameters form input to the calculation of the visco-elasticity (VE) thus combining both phases in one parameter.

DermaLab Elasticity is available in the following equipments:

- DermaLab USB (single parameter unit)
- DermaLab Combo (multiparameter unit)

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