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The measurement of sebum is available as a parameter in the DermaLab Combo Series.

The measurement principle is based upon a sebum collecting strip and strip reading device.

After sebum is absorbed into a special micro-porous film mounted on a non-reflective base material, it will become translucent. Consequently, the change in the light reflecting properties of the sebum collecting strip can be measured to reflect the amount of absorbed sebum.

Because a special oil-specific film material is used, the influence of skin surface water (sweat) virtually is eliminated. Further, to avoid batch-to-batch variation an offset calibration is performed on each individual strip.​

​Sebum excretion rate:

In laboratory applications under controlled conditions we recommend to measure the sebum excretion rate - typically using the SkinLab Combo configuration.

Initially, precondition the actual skin area in order to remove any build up of oils on the skin surface prior to the measurement procedure by removing any makeup and de-lipidizing the actual skin area. Wait for a specified period of time (e.g. 1 hr.) and then apply the tape and perform a measurement. Relatively low sebum readings can be expected due to the time factor.

Sebum level:

In a less "scientific" setup with no preconditioning of the skin and under less controlled conditions - e.g. point-of-sale activities using the Clinique Combo - an instant sebum check may be performed. Simply apply the tape to the skin “as is” followed by an instrumental reading of the strip to provide a readout of the actual sebum level.

Here higher readings may be expected due to the uncontrolled nature of the procedure.

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