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DSM II skin colormeter

Handheld skin colormeter featuring multiple color systems

The DSM II ColorMeter takes advantage of the latest developments in color sensing technology. Developed in close cooperation with CyberDerm Inc., USA, it offers color measurement in a number of different color systems including CIEl*a*b* and erythema/melanin dedicated to skin applications.

The device is fully self-contained and battery operated with backlit LCD dislay and controlled by just two buttons.

It provides a cable connected measuring head for optimal flexibility, and the design of the optics ensures minimal sensitivity to ambient light conditions. This design also allows for a clear front piece, which combined with guiding illumination facilitates positioning of the measuring head.​

As standard the device offers read-out of erythema and melanin based on the light absorption characteristics of human skin, CIEl*a*b* values and RGB by the push of one button.
With the optional LabView based application software package the unit may be connected to a PC via the built- in USB port in order to import data directly into Excel spreadsheets.

Skin color measurement is available in the following equipments:

- DSM II ColorMeter (this page)
- DermaLab Combo (multiparameter unit)

Click here for DSM II information flyer in pdf format

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