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High Resolution Skin Ultrasound Assessment

Equipments featuring skin ultrasound imaging and analysis:​

DermaScan C USB, 20 to 50 MHz ultrasound units

Our line of state-of-the-art high resolution ultrasound scanners dedicated to skin applications offers a wide range of configurations.

The DermaScan C USB series presents our ultra compact line of scientific instruments with linear scanning probes from 20 to 50 MHz and full-featured image analysis software.

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DermaLab USB Series - SkinLab Ultrasound

The SkinLab USB is the latest development in our DermaLab Series of single parameter laboratory devices - i.e. one probe with USB interface module per parameter.

With the SkinLab Ultrasound 20 MHz probe and module a pricewise very attractive high resolution ultrasound unit is now available. Loaded with features and featuring a rotating transducer principle this is the ideal skin ultrasound unit for efficacy testing in cosmetic labs etc.

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SkinLab USB series - Subcutane Ultrasound

A new addition to the SkinLab USB line of products is a Subcutane Ultrasound device featuring an ultrasound probe with the ability to visualize layers and structures to a depth og 50 mm. This configuration specificaly aims at the need for visualization of subcutaneous tissues in relation to fat reduction procedures.

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DermaLab USB Series - Visualizer

The Visualizer ultrasound unit features the same hardware platform as the 20 MHz SkinLab Ultrasound scanner, however, the software is dedicated to cosmetic applications - in particular marketing activities. The results presented by the software are are easily interpreted by the operator and relayed to the client.

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DermaLab Combo Series - SkinLab Combo / Clinique Combo

As the name indicates, the DermaLab Combo Series combines multiple parameters into one fully self-contained device.

For laboratory use the SkinLab Combo features a complete skin analysis device capable of accomodating up to ten different skin parameters. For ease of operation this full-featured instrument is controlled by a tablet PC wirelessly connected via Bluetooth.

The Clinique Combo features identical hardware, however, in this configuration the software is adapted to aesthetic clinic applications.

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