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Sebum Module

A quick assessment of skin oiliness

When you need to know about skin oiliness

Instant assesment of skin oiliness

Oily skin is an annoying trait which is defined by excessive shine and unwanted greasiness.

Excessive work by skin professionals is put into avoiding this. To do so, it all starts with measurement of oiliness, which is what our skin Sebum Module does.

The sebum reader in the DermaLab Combo gives a quick objective assessment of skin oiliness. To document research and to show to clients.

Collect skin sebum with to get your answer

The measurement principle is based upon a sebum collecting strip and a strip reading device, which is built into the DermaLab Combo.

After sebum is absorbed into the strip it will become translucent. The change in the light reflecting properties of the skin sebum collecting strip is measured to assess the amount of absorbed sebum.

A special oil-specific film material is used, and therefore the influence of skin surface water (sweat) is virtually eliminated. 

To avoid batch-to-batch variation an offset calibration is performed on each individual strip.

The Sebum Module is available for the DermaLab Combo, and of course the measurement is visualized by the DermaLab software.



Optical assessment of collected sample

Sebum collector: 

Microporous polymer film mounted on light absorbing substrate

Sebum score: 

0 – 99

Quick and objective assessment of skin oiliness

Sequential and screen guided measurement procedure

Special strip designed to only absorb sebum and repel water

More about the Sebum Module

Sebum Module software

VIDEO: Watch demo of the Sebum Module

Sebum Module | In the box

CORTEX Sebum Strips

Sebum Stips

250 sebum strips

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