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Cortex Technology gets a new CEO

March 2024

Over a number of years, Cortex Technology has established itself on the market for skin analysis and cryosurgery for dermatologists. On February 1, Lone Jager Lindquist took over as CEO of Cortex Technology. Lone replaces Christian Buur, who wants to help companies with strategic advice and board work in the future.

Cortex Technology was acquired by Vækst Invest in 2019. Since then, revenue has grown significantly in all business areas. Jeppe Nyby, Partner at Vækst Invest, is very optimistic about the future of Cortex Technology. "We believe that with the changes that have happened with Cortex in recent years, coupled with Lone's commercial experience with international growth in Health Care, Cortex will lift itself into a whole new league."

Jacob Kildegaard Larsen, Chairman of the Board, says about the change of CEO: "Cortex has great potential. We will be launching an exciting product this summer, which you can already read about on our website. We are moving into the aesthetics industry, which is growing significantly and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. We are delighted to have found Lone Jager Lindquist to lead Cortex's development going forward."

In 2022, the company moved to NOVI in Aalborg. Henrik Lundum, CEO of NOVI Science & Business Park says "We have followed Cortex's positive development and are pleased that we can attract a company like Cortex Technology. Our plans to establish "NOVI MEDI PARK", which will consist of companies exclusively within Life Science, fits well with Cortex' business area. Being close to Aalborg University and Aalborg University Hospital definitely makes it easier to attract Life Science companies."

Lone is excited about Cortex's market position and the many talented employees in the company. "Cortex is one of the leading companies in skin analysis and cryosurgery. We want to bring the knowledge we have in skin analysis into the aesthetics industry to support a much more data-driven approach to the dialog with the client. It's a very exciting product we're launching. For example, you can measure the level of collagen in the skin. This provides a really good starting point for a much more concrete dialog with the customer about what is needed to improve the level of collagen. In addition, you can monitor the improvement as the treatments progress. In addition, Cortex has a really strong team of skilled people covering the entire value chain. I look forward to an exciting journey with Cortex Technology."


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