Cryosurgery equipment

We offer a complete range of cryosurgery equipment inluding treatment devices and accessories for cryosurgery. We can provide closed contact probes, open spray-tips, extensions & adapters and spray cones.

CryoPro® Contact Probes

CORTEX CryoPro 1 mm

1 mm Contact probe

CORTEX CryoPro 2 mm

2 mm Contact probe

CORTEX CryoPro 3 mm

3 mm Contact probe

4mm Contact probe

4 mm Contact probe

4mm Contact probe

5 mm Contact probe

6mm Contact probe

6 mm Contact probe

8mm Contact probe

8 mm Contact probe

CORTEX CryoPro 10 mm

10 mm Contact probe

CORTEX CryoPro 15 mm

15 mm Contact probe

CORTEX CryoPro 20 mm

20 mm Contact probe

CORTEX CryoPro 30 mm

30 mm Contact probe

Sharp pointed

Sharp pointed

CryoPro® Standard Spray Tips

CORTEX CryoPro Aperture COMBO

Aperture A, B, C, D

A Spray 1.0 mm, B Spray 0.75 mm, C Spray 0.55 mm (pre-mounted), D Spray 0.45 mm

Soft peel desquamation tip

Soft Peel Desquamation Tip

CORTEX CryoPro Straight spray extension

Straight Spray extension, 0,55 mm

CORTEX CryoPro Bent spray extension

Bent Spray extension, 0,55 mm

CryoPro Aperture


CryoPro® Special Spray Tips

Open flow restrictor

Open Flow Restricter

CORTEX CryoPro Spray tip cleaning adapter

Spray Tip Cleaning Adapter

Spray Tip Cleaning Adapter

CORTEX CryoPro Luer lock adapter

Luer Lock adapter

CryoPro Cones

Rubber Cones set with 6 sizes

Rubber Cones set with 6 sizes

Rubber Cones set with 6 sizes

Lexan Disc with 4 cones

Lexan Disc with 4 cones

CryoPro Handling Device

CryoPro CroPro carring bag

Carrying Bag

Ideel for transporting your CryoPro® when working remotely. The bag has a practical streap for safety in car.

CryoPro Filters and gaskets

CryoPro Filters and gaskets

Replaceable filters for withdrawal tube, and gaskets which ensure the tightness of your CryoPro bottle.

CryoPro Protective gloves and eyewear

Protective gloves and eyewear

We provide protective wear for both hands and eyes when filling your CryoPro® bottle

CryoPro Universal type roller base

Roller base

Universal type for easy move of dewars with liquid nitrogen. Fits different dewar sizes.

Withdrawal tube

Withdrawal tube

Universal type for pouring the liquid nitrogen from your dewar to your CryoPro® bottle.

Storage containers

Storage containers

We offer w wide selection of metal dewars in different sizes and static holding time. Smallest: 10 l capacity / largest: 35 l capacity.

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