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Durable precision at -196 C


As cool as it gets

Cryosurgery is a minimally invasive treatment option that has proven both safe and effective within the field of dermatology for the treatment of various skin lesions such as actinic keratosis, viral warts, and basal cell carcinomas.

At minus 196 deg. Celsius liquid nitrogen provides superior efficacy in comparison to other coolants.

In addition, only LN2 offers both spray and contact freezing, and it is a safe and environmentally friendly treatment modality associated with only little pain due to the short duration of the treatment procedure.

Other coolants such as nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and dimethyl ether/propane does not reach temperatures below minus 90 deg. C.

Consequently, liquid nitrogen provides a faster and deeper freeze and is therefore the most widely used coolant in modern cryosurgery.

Available in two sizes

The CryoPro is available in two sizes: A small size called CryoPro MINI with 350 ml and 12-14 hours static holding time, and a large size called CryoPro MAXI with 500 ml and 19-22 hours static holding time.

Static holding time is the length of time, during which the CryoPro retains the supplied volume of liquid nitrogen.


CryoPro® MINI
12-14 hrs. static holding time


CryoPro® MAXI
19-20 hrs. static holding time

Each unit comes with a set of spray applicators for most common lesions, and a three year worldwide warranty against manufacturing and material defects.

The units are manufactured in our ISO 13485 certified production facilities. Provided with FDA 510(k) in regulatory class II, and until October 2022 provided with EC MDD Certificate in class IIa. New MDR Certificate expected soon.

In addition, the CryoPro units have gained medical clearance in many local markets around the world.



Maxi 500 ml / Mini 350 ml

Static holding time:

Maxi: 19-22 hours / Mini: 12-14 hours


3 years. Extended upgrade and warranty program available.

Videos of CryoPro®

See how to use and handle the CryoPro®.

VIDEO: Basics about liquid nitrogen cryosurgery

VIDEO: Liquid Nitrogen Spray Technique

VIDEO: Liquid Nitrogen Withdrawal Tube

VIDEO: Liquid Nitrogen Closed Contact Probe Technique

CryoPro® | In the box

CORTEX CryoPro Spray tip cleaning adapter

Spray Tip Cleaning Adapter

Spray Tip Cleaning Adapter

CORTEX CryoPro Bent spray extension

Bent Spray extension, 0,55 mm

CORTEX CryoPro Aperture COMBO

Aperture A, B, C, D

A Spray 1.0 mm, B Spray 0.75 mm, C Spray 0.55 mm (pre-mounted), D Spray 0.45 mm

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Susanne Holst Borre

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