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Skin Analysis

Precision skin tools for research and aesthetic clinics

We know skin

All you need
when you need to know about skin

We produce study precision tools for meticulous skin professionals.

Our instruments deliver scientific and objective measurements of skin for both research and aesthetic clinics

Increase your succes by offering true skin analysis. Use the right tools, and let everyone know, that you value data.

Know skin

Know the detail
Know the data
Know what’s right
Know what’s not

Know skin

IMCAS World Congress Paris 1-2 February 2024

We care about the essential factors in skin analysis and treatment - providing sturdy precision tools and rich data, in which skin professionals can rely and perform.


Jakob Wested

Director of production


Global to local

We have distributors all around the world to ensure optimal distribution of our instruments.

If your country does not have a local distributor, you are welcome to contact us directly.

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