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This NEW PRODUCT will attract clients and boost success in your aesthetic clinic!


Want to maximize success in your clinic?

Are you looking to attract a steady stream of clients to your clinic? And make it easier for your clients to decide on the right treatment?

The solution is DermaLab Aesthetic! This new tool empowers you with the True Skin Analysis that will revolutionize your skin business.

True Skin Analysis

In just minutes, this groundbreaking tool delivers a detailed assessment of your client’s skin, examining up to five key parameters crucial for their skincare journey.

Attract more clients

Use the True Skin Analysis to attract clients to your clinic. Even the most hesitant clients will be within reach. Provide them with an objective and thorough skin assessment so they can understand their skin's true needs and feel safe and well examined.

Make treatment decisions easy

As clients gain insight into their skin's real needs, identifying appropriate aesthetic skin treatment options, it becomes easy for them to make informed decisions about treatments.

Implement the DermaLab Aesthetic to help clients taking the next step forward while boosting your sales conversions.

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Share the results with your clients

Our intuitive software will provide you with easy-to-understand results that you can communicate to your clients and the option for printouts or emails, ensuring that the clients can recall and remember your services effortlessly.

Enhance client loyalty

In the beginning of a new client's journey, employing a comprehensive skin analysis is highly effective and provides a perfect foundation for the client's continued progress. It allows for an overview assessment, evaluation of potential aesthetic skin treatments, agreement on a best plan, and alignment of expectations. This ensures that clients have realistic expectations, making it easier to achieve the best results and a high client satisfaction and loyalty.

Demonstrate before and after

The DermaLab Aesthetic can be used during follow-up consultations to assess and demonstrate results and plan further actions.

Even if improvements are not yet visibly apparent to the naked eye or if clients have forgotten their starting point, a follow-up analysis is able to demonstrate progress and contributes to increased customer satisfaction.

Increase credibility with scientific data

Cortex Technology has over three decades of expertise in crafting precision skin tools. We are your trusted research partner. All our products are meticulously handcrafted in Denmark, a testament to our commitment to quality, with global distribution partnerships solidly in place.

As a spin off to the well-known DermaLab Combo, our advanced skin analysis tool used in research, the DermaLab Aesthetic is grounded in solid science. Use it to boost your credibility and make your clients feel more confident about their experience and decisions.

Boost your clinic's reputation and credibility as a high-end establishment by integrating innovative scientific skin measurement equipment and using valid data in your recommendations for aesthetic skin treatments.


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DermaLab Aesthetic

The DermaLab Aesthetic equips you with up to five essential parameters:

  • The Ultrasound Probe gives you an instant assessment of collagen level

  • The Hydration Probe measures the water binding capacity of the outermost layer of the skin

  • The pH Probe measures skin surface pH

  • The Elasticity Probe measurement of the skin’s ability to bounce back when it is stretched

  • The Sebum Module provides a quick assessment of skin oiliness.

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Bjarne Kristensen

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