PH Probe

pH Probe

Measurement of skin pH

Measure to support optimal pH levels in the skin

Know pH levels to evaluate skin healthiness

The skin's pH value is a result of the combination of sebum and sweat. It's a critical factor influencing skin health.

The acid mantle serves as the cornerstone of the skin's protective barrier. It counteracts alkaline substances, inhibits bacterial growth, and fosters an ideal acidic environment for the skin's natural flora to flourish, playing a crucial role in antibacterial defense.

Normally, the skin's pH falls within the acidic range, typically between 4 and 6.

Benefit for your clinic

Use this measurement to assess the need for actions or treatment that optimizes the skin's pH level, thereby supporting its natural flora, inhibiting bacteria, and promoting the skin's well-being.

How to measure pH

Skin pH levels are measured on the forehead or cheekbone. Simply place the probe and make the measurement. Our software precisely displays the result as a decimal for accuracy.

Typically acidic, skin pH ranges between 4 and 6, signifying its natural state.

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CORTEX V‘rske brev 7.00

pH 7.00

CORTEX V‘rske flaske


CORTEX V‘rske brev 4.01

pH 4.01

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