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The DermaLab concept

The DermaLab concept offers skin analysis tools that meet your exact measurement need. We have two solotions:

- The DermaLab Combo for measurement of up to 9 different parameters (choose between all our 11 probes).

- The DermaLab Single for measurement of just one single parameter (choose an ultrasound, TEWL, hydration or elasticity probe).

When you buy a DermaLab product, software is included and laptop/tablet is optional.


for skin analysis
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Choose between including high resolution ultrasound to measure collagen and fat level, TEWL, elasticity, hydration, sebum, pH, temperature, dermascope camera as well as skin color. Select your probes below.

Choose your main unit

Multiple parameter

The DermaLab Combo is our complete solution for skin analysis. It features up to 9 different parameters at the same time. All the DermaLab probes are available for the DermaLab Combo.

Single parameter

If you only need one measurement parameter, the DermaLab Single will be the right choise for you. The DermaLab Single is a main unit for just one specific probe.

Following parameters are available as DermaLab Single probes: The TEWL probe, the hydration probes and the ultrasound probes.

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Bjarne Kristensen

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We have distributors all around the world to ensure optimal distribution of our instruments.

If your country does not have a local distributor, you are welcome to contact us directly.

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