TEWL Probe

TEWL Probe

Measurement for assessing the barrier function of skin.

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When you need to know the water evaporation rate

Transepidermal water loss

The TEWL Probe measures the transepidermal water loss, which is the evaporation rate of water through the outer layer of your skin, epidermis.

Transepidermal water loss is a crucial parameter for the assessment of the skin barrier function, and it can contribute to a variety of dry skin conditions.

This measurement provides key information about the skin condition and skin barrier function and can be used to assess the need for certain treatments and to evaluate on the effectiveness of a treatment.

Get accurate measurements of high scientific standard

The open chamber design maintains the free natural evaporation from the surface without interfering with the environment over the measurement area. This ensures unbiased and super-accurate readings.

Inside the measurement head, the sensors are protected to eliminate variation caused by air currents and direct incident light, which are problems usually associated with the open chamber method. In contrast to many other TEWL probes on the market, our probe does not require a protected environment – measurements may be performed in normal laboratory environments.

The TEWL probe is available for both the DermaLab Combo and DermaLab Single.



Relative humidity and temperature sensors centered in open chamber


0 – 250 g/m²/h, resolution: 0.1 g/m²/h


Continuous real-time readout of TEWL

Stop criterias:

Standard deviation or time

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CORTEX Tewl Probe protectors


20 TEWL X probe protectors.

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