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Precision skin tools

Cortex Technology is a global leader in precision skin tools.

All engineered, designed, and assembled by hand in Denmark.

Cortex - since 1986

For more than 30 years skin has been our business.

Trusted partner in cryosurgery, research and aesthetics.

Founded in 1986. Residing in Aalborg, Denmark.

We truly believe, that we can equip and support meticulous research, precision cryosurgery, and aesthetic skin analysis.

Different sectors, surely. But also the same and essential need for great tools and a smooth workflow.

Lone Jager Lindquist

Lone Jager Lindquist

Chief Executive Officer


Global to local

We have distributors all around the world to ensure optimal distribution of our instruments.

If your country does not have a local distributor, you are welcome to contact us directly.

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