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Colori Probe

Measurement of perceived color, pigmentation and erythema

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When you need to know about skin color

Measure color before and after with the NEW Colori Probe

The new and improved Colori Probe delivers skin color assessment based on the most advanced color sensor technology. It measures erythema, melanin, CIEL*a*b numbers – and now also gloss and ITA°.

The new Colori Probe makes very precise measurements and is delivered with an improved calibrator.

To know skin color is key for most researchers, clinicians, and dermatologists. Whether you want to know the exact color and skin type or whether you want to assess differences in color before and after a treatment.

Fast and ultra-precise measurement is key in this complete tool.

State of the art technology-driven objective measurement beats classic subjective assessment.

Accurate skin color assesment

The Colori Probe delivers skin color assesment based on the most advanced color sensor technology, and it measures erythema, melanin and CIEL*a*b numbers.

The unique optical design reduces internal reflections and unwanted external light to the lowest possible minimum.

The illuminated measurement area is visible through the transparent probe front which facilitates accurate probe positioning. 

The Colori Probe is available for the DermaLab Combo



4 x 16 color sensor elements

Light Source:

2 x high intensity white LED

Measurement area:

38,5 mm2

Pigmentation (melanin):

0.0 – 99.9

Erythema (redness, hemoglobin):

0.0 – 99.9

Color space:

CIELAB: L*, a*, b*

More about the Color Probe

Color Probe software

VIDEO: Watch demo of the Color Probe

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