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Skin Temperature Probe

For non-contact skin temperature measurement

When you need to know skin temperature

The Skin Temperature Probe - a valuable tool during treatment

The measurement of skin temperature is a valuable tool in many fields of application, as both high and low skin temperature can indicate certain conditions in the body.

The Skin Temperature Probe is often used to measure skin before, during and after eg. laser treatment in order to evaluate on the skin's condition and reaction.

The probe can also be used in efficacy testing of products, claim support, clinical research analysis, and much more.

Temperature measurement is often used as a tool that accompanies other measurements, as the temperature of your skin can affect directly on other measurement values, e.g. hydration.

Quick and accurate measurement of temperature

The Skin Temperature Probe is specifically designed for continuous temperature monitoring using the skin as an indicator of body temperature.

The Probe is an infrared probe for non-contact skin temperature measurement. This eliminates bias to the reading from skin contact.

The probe ensures high accuracy and reproducibility and offers read-out in deg. Celsius or deg. Fahrenheit.​

The measurement is quick and gives you immediate results.

The Skin Temperature Probe is available for the DermaLab Combo.

Watch demo video of the Skin Temperature Probe

Skin Temperature software

Software interface

The measurements are shown in the software and an avarage is calculated. You can name your measurements. Chose between Celcius and Farenheit.



Non-contact infrared sensor for skin surface temperature


10 – 50 ˚C/ 50 – 122 ˚F


0.1 ˚C

Display Mode:

Degree Celsius or degree Fahrenheit

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