Hydration Flat

Hydration Flat Probe

Measurement of water binding capacity

When you need to know about water binding capacity

Measure hydration - ideal for normal skin

Well hydrated skin looks younger and healthier, and it improves the barrier of the skin. Therefore, skin professionals often include this parameter in their assessment of a skin.

The Hydration Flat Probe is used for measuring the water binding capacity of the outermost layer of the skin. As a stand-alone measurement or before and after a skin hydration treatment.

This is our traditional probe design, and it is useful for many skin measurements, where hair is not present.

For scalp applications and measurements in hairy areas, we recommend our Hydration Pin Probe.

Measure water binding capacity with springloaded action

The hydration probe gives an instant and precise assessment of the water binding capacity in the stratum corneum.

Our spring-loaded design triggers the measurement when a certain pressure is applied. This secures fast and precise measurement cycles.

The hydration software allows for performing up to eight sequential measurements, and the average value is calculated.

The Hydration Flat Probe is available for both the DermaLab Combo and the DermaLab Single.

Watch demo video of the Hydration Probe

Hydration Pin software

Software interface

View your hydration measurements in the software interface. You can change the names of the measurements.





0 – 9999 µS (1 µS resolution)


Flat faced or pin electrodes


Calibration checker available

Hydration Probe | In the box

CORTEX Temperatura Kalibrator

Hydration Calibrator

Hydration calibrator for Hyrdration Probes.

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