Ultrasound probe

Ultrasound Standard Probe

Ultra-high frequency ultrasound probe - for measurements of collagen and dermal thickness

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When you need to know about collagen

Use the ultrasound scan to ensure the right treatment

Leading skin professionals know that the real answers to the skin’s appearance lie below the skin’s surface. When it comes to understanding underlying skin structure and skin aging, the assessment of collagen intensity is central.

Our Ultrasound probe provides objective and reliable measurement of the skin’s collagen level and dermal thickness of the skin.

Problem areas with low collogen levels and dermal thickness are easily identified, so more effective and fact-based treatment plans can be made.

And effective treatments can be documented by researchers and clinicians.

Collagen level assesment

The standard Ultrasound Probe provides state-of-the-art performance in high resolution skin imaging.

The standard Ultrasound Probe gives an instant assessment of collagen level, dermal thickness and low echogenic band (LEB).

The instrument is very easy to operate. It has both manual and automatic measurement options.

It is available for both the DermaLab Combo and the DermaLab Single.



Rotating single element transducer


20 MHz, focused ultrasound


60 µm x 200 µm (axial x lateral)


3.4 mm


Length 17 mm. Footprint: 11 mm


Adjustable +/- 10dB

Read out:

Display of actual and stored measurements for intensity score, skin thickness, low echogenic band, arbitrary distance. 

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