Elasticity Probe

Elasticity Probe

Measurement of skin elevation and subsequent retraction time

Evaluate the need for treatments to improve skin elasticity

The skins ability to rebound

Skin elasticity refers to its capacity to rebound when stretched.

This characteristic is of paramount importance to skin professionals specializing in assessing and addressing skin aging and wrinkles.

As time passes and due to sun exposure, skin elasticity diminishes, contributing to an aged appearance. Consequently, skin elasticity is closely linked to the perception of youthfulness or aging.

Our Elasticity Probe accurately measures skin elasticity, providing precise data on its condition.

Benefit for your clinic

Use this measurement to assess the need for treatments targeting the enhancement of skin elasticity, effectively reducing wrinkles and loose skin.

How to measure elasticity

Skin elasticity is effortless measured on the client's temple.

Our measurement employs a suction cup method, gauging the skin's ability to stretch and sna back to its original form.

Instantaneously, our software provides data on the skin's retraction time, offering valuable insights to skin elasticity.

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