Ultrasound probe

Ultrasound Probe

Ultra-high frequency ultrasound probe - for measurements of collagen and dermal thickness

When you need to know about collagen

The importance of collagen

Collagen is the fundamental component that shapes our skin's structure. As we age, our body's natural collagen production diminishes, leaving our skin vulnerable to environmental factors such as sun exposure.

These exposures can degrade collagen fibers, diminishing their density and resilience, ultimately resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin's surface.

Benefit for your clinic

Use the measurement to assess the necessity of collagen treatment for effectively reducing wrinkles in the client's skin.

The Ultrasound Probe provides state-of-the-art performance in high resolution skin imaging. The measurement gives an instant assessment of collagen level.

Problem areas with low collogen levels and dermal thickness are easily identified, so more effective and fact-based treatment plans can be made.

How to measure

First step is to make a reference measurement on a skin area minimally exposed to sunlight, providing a baseline for the clinet's collagen levels. This personalized benchmark represents the specific client's optimal collagen level.

Next step is to conduct measurements on the client's temple, unveiling the current collagen status for easy comparison with the optimal collagen level.

As a visual aid, the software provides an ultrasound image showcasing the client's collagen levels, allowing you to visualize the collagen levels.

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