PH Probe

pH Probe

Measurement of skin pH

When you need to know about skin pH

Measure skin surface pH

Researchers and skin professionals are interested in pH for a number of reasons. Most importantly, with more acidity, the skin can combat harmful microbes and damaging free radicals that might quicken the aging process.

Therefore, knowing skin pH is key to understanding skin healthiness and to suggest and document effective treatment.

Our pH Probe is fast and easy to use and it offers high reproducibility. 

The probe comes complete with calibration kit and a convenient table stand.

Can measure 1.00-11.00 pH

The pH Probe measures skin surface pH from 1.00 to 11.00 pH with an ultra-fast response time.

It delivers up to eight measurements of pH in one screen as well as the average of all measurements.

The glass electrode works on the voltage principle, as originally invented by Arnold Beckman.


Probe type:

Standard gel-filled surface type probe.


1.00 – 11.00 pH

More about the pH Probe

pH Probe software

VIDEO: Watch demo of the pH Probe

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CORTEX V‘rske brev 7.00

pH 7.00

CORTEX V‘rske flaske


CORTEX V‘rske brev 4.01

pH 4.01

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