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Colorimeter DSM-4

For accurate measurements of color, pigmentation and erythema

All you need when you need to know about color

Be the expert with accurate skin color measurement

Gain more clients by demonstrating your expert knowledge with valid data. Deliver accurate and detailed color measurements with the Colorimeter DSM-4 - your most professionel quality tool for skin color assesment.

4 simultaneous skin color measurements with 1 instrument

The Colorimeter DSM-4 is based on the newest technology and provides you with accurate skin optimised measurements for percieved color, pigmentation, and erythema simultaneously and at the same location.

The colorimeter is able to detect extremely small color changes in the skin, and it is ideal for evaluation of skin eg. before and after laser treatments. The colorimeter is highly recognized in both research studies and in pharmaceutical and cosmetic efficacy testing. Now it is available in a highly updated version - the DSM-4 model.


second to dertermine skin color and phototype


color difference (ΔE00)

The Colorimeter DSM-4 is equipped with advanced software with automatic classification of skin phototype (ITA) in 6 groups: very light, light, intermediate, tan, brown, and dark.

High quality working standards (white, zero, and gloss) ensure reliable skin color measurements over time. It has an intuitive and portable calibrator, which is built into the storage case.

The modern portable design of the Colorimeter DSM-4 and the integrated calibrator is perfect for working remote. The Colorimeter DSM-4 is delivered with software for Windows on USB flashdrive.


45°/0° Colorimeter with full visible spectrum color sensor

Color space: CIE XYZ, L*a*b*, L*C*h, sRGB

Color difference: ΔEab <2 and ΔE00 <1

60° specular gloss (GU) measurement

Light source: D65 illuminant (CRI > 98)

Measurement aperture: 8 mm (50 mm2 area)

Measurement area: 4.2 mm when measuring a plane surface

Wireless data transfer

Special correction matrix optimised for skin

Portable calibrator

Software for Windows 10+11

Warranty: 1 year. Extended upgrade and warranty program available.

The software

Colorimeter software

The advanced Colorimeter DSM-4 software includes automatic classification of skin phototype (ITA) in six groups: very light, light, intermediate, tan, brown and dark.

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